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Design your Own Fonts
This is a very simple method to design your own fonts/dingbats from handwriting or drawrings  (instructions courtesy of dickson!)


first of all you need the right equipement:

computer (DUH!!!)
scanner (back & white or color doesnt matter)
Adobe Streamline
Fontagrapher (any version)
Adobe Photoshop (Optional)

1. draw your alphabet from A-Z, numbers, and any speacial characters that you want or you can look at the keyboard and check to see which characters you left out etc.

2. after you finish drawing out your alphabets, pop it into your scanner and scan it in black and white. scan the image directly into adobe streamline, or if you want you can scan it into photoshop and malipulate the image a bit to suit your needs. otherwise, scanning the letters into streamline directly is fine. be sure that when you scan, set the scanning resolution to 300 dpi.

if you scanned your alphabets into photoshop, goto step 3. if you scanned it into streamline directly, skip step 3 and 4 then proceed with step 5.

3. you can clean up your scanned letters in photoshop by erasing portions you dont want, or you can add stuph to the letters and make it look even more kewl. after you have done with the necessary editing, grayscale the image and save it as a PSD. make sure that there are no layers or all the layers are flattened or else you wont be able to do the next step properly.

this is the image of the alphabets my friend have drawn. this was scanned into photoshop for editing and cleaning. click here to see a screenshot

4. now close photoshop and launch up streamline. after streamline goto has loaded, goto the menu File ==> Open and choose the PSD that contains your alphabet.

5. now you see your alphabet in streamline infront of you. what you are gonna do now is to simply convert your scanned alphabet into a EPS which is basically a format at which you can make your alphabet into a True Type Font. (i dont wana go on with the technical details because it gets lengthy and boring :p)

now goto the menu Options ==> Conversion Setup. the options on that window is quite self explanitory, but i will review them here.

6. after you are all done fiddling with the conversion setup. now its time to convert the image from pixels to actual lines. goto the menu File ==> Convert. as you will see that streamline traces your image and redraw them as lines according to the the convertion setup. you might want to play with the conversion setup awhile until you get the result you want.

7. after the conversion is done, save the converted image as a Illustrator EPS.

8. fire up fontagrapher. goto the menu File => New. select a empty box, preferably the ones with the "**" above it. goto the menu File => Import => EPS. then choose your EPS file. some people like having other programs running such as the program that they drew their font in and fontagrapher loaded at the same time, copying and pasting the characters directly from one program to another instead of importing from a file. i like importing the characters from a EPS file because windows 95 sucks, running too many programs at once crashes my computer.

9. now you have imported your EPS. as you can see, all the alphabets that you have drawn is crammed into a small tiny box. you now hafta edit the box by double clicking it. now select a letter by dragging a window across the whole letter so you select all the points.

10. now goto the menu Edit => Cut and paste it into the appropriate boxes. for example, if you cut the letter 'A', then highlight the box with the letter 'A' above it and paste it. if you are lazy kind like me, you can use these keyboard shortcuts to cut 'n' paste.


11. after you have finished pasting your alphabets to the correct boxes, you now will make it into TTF. first of all save your font first, after you've done that, goto the menu File => Generate Font Files, choose PC, TrueType, then click Generate. Now you have made a font that you can actually use!! to install the font copy it into the windows/font dir. you now can type it, print it and show it off to your friends. hehe :)


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