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Design Houses/Individuals

Alphabet Soup
A great site with great fonts.  Some are free, some aren't. But, when you are talking about quality, is money really an issue?

Astigmatic One Eye.  
New fonts every month - freeware, shareware, trial versions and full-fledged commercial fonts too!  A font for every occasion and some fonts that you will have to start making occasions up for. 

Nice good fonts.  Artistic, creative, well-designed and very swanky.

Chank Diesel is the Elvis of Fonts.  The grandfather of type design, revered and loved for his irreverant attitude and his amazing artistic flair.  Free fonts galore.  Some are by Chank, some aren't.  All are beautiful must see fonts.  Oh, and buy something from him please.  His teeth are falling out and he needs to pay the dentist.

Cosmonaut Productions
Great dingbats, good fonts.  Some freeware, some trustware.  Check 'em out.

Dinc Type!
Fonts for people who have computers (it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?). 

Disappearing Inc.
If the fonts don't catch your fancy, the site design sure as he!! will.

Divide by Zero
A wonderful collection of fonts and dingbats.  Enviably impressive stuff for someone younger than me (wahhhhh!)

Fonts by Mattias Jakobsson.  A small swedish type foundry that only has a few fonts - but boy are they good!

The first and last word in font design on the web.  They have been around since 1984 creating kick-ass type.  Take it or leave it, but we suggest you take it.

Empire Brande.
South African artist knows his type.  Nice goodies.  You should get some.

Financial Peril Publishing & Design.
Lots of fonts.  Lots of good, good, fonts.  You know you want them.

Fonthead Design
What can you say, Fonts:   everybody's got 'em.

Fuel Fonts
A member of the Chank Army, Claes Källarsson keeps with the tradition of wonderful witty design.  Ya gotta love him.

Garage Fonts.
They make it so easy to order fonts on-line that you will never want to go anywhere else.   We promise (and we stand by our word).

Ray Larabie.
A new free font every week, and they are all pretty darn good...

Robotic Attack Fonts
A font hobbyist with some interesting work.  And hey, it's free.

Grunge/techno fonts that everyone loves so much.  Oh, and the naked monk, too.

Sound of Print.
Fonts made by Bradford Cox and Jay David.  Fonts you wouldn't believe and typefaces you need to have.  Shareware is a good thing.  Don't abuse it.

Surface Type
Fonts.  Get 'em here.  By the handful, truckload - got fonts?

A new digital type foundry.  Thaaat's right.  Over 300 typefaces from over 100 designers.  This is some crazy, experimental sh!t.  Keep 'em coming boys.

Tarmsaft Font Factory.
Holy-moly.  Lots and lots and lots of original fonts (enough to keep any addict high for a long time - 92 at last count).

Toxic Type.
Rob Dobi does type with style and grace.  You need toxic type fonts in your life.

Twisted Type.
Typefaces for the disturbed.  Find out if you are really on the edge.  With a font like scumbag... how could it be anything but twisted?

Xone Zero
What?   Another chankster.  What is going on here?  Anyway, more great fonts (he is redesigning and coming back with 10 new ones real soon.  he promises).


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